Costin Fetic

My relationship with photography started when I was a kid, in my early childhood, but I probably did not realize it then. And when I say childhood, I’m thinking about kindergarten / primary school when I used my parents camera to take photos of all the things I saw around me and after that, to be a full process, I tried to edit them somehow by clicking on various functions in Picasa, if anybody here remembers that.

Later, about 10 years ago, I got my first DSLR and this was not necessarily because I wanted to have a better device, but “to keep up with the times” when everybody started to have a Facebook page with “Photography” at the end of their name even if  they used to shoot in parks near the trees in the mid of the day. I kept taking photos for whatever I saw, I changed my profile picture with another one took in front of the mirror with me holding my new device to be sure I got it for a purpose!

I can remember after a short period of time  I went on holiday where one of my friends showed me how to set the DSLR in manual mode to get what I wanted, not what the device considered. At that moment, it appeared my desire to start learning as much as I could about the camera I had.

I started to search on the internet, I tried a lot of things, I searched for all sorts of online courses and step by step I gained some knowledge about and I started to go to photography workshops.

Now I can say  the moment  I started taking pictures and not jokes as I used to, it was the moment when I met  Sorin Onisor (sometime in early 2013, one of the best photographers in Romania) and I started to go to workshops with him when I also started to gain some important knowledge in photography (photographic techniques on both theoretical and practical part, subject-photographer communication, how to get out of the comfort zone, and not only). I met many people whom I learned from a lot and I discovered a lot of new places.

I spent 5 years with Sorin at workshops all over the country and I also started to go to workshops and / or presentations, seminars, courses of other photographers I appreciated and from whom I think I had much to learn. I started to love photography more and more, I had the camera everywhere with me; however I tried that any holiday to be planned  according to the photographic potential of the area, any place where I was accommodated it had to be very close to the good spots for photography (things I’m still doing now) and my biggest target was to be able to take pictures I should have been proud of but outside the workshops. Said and done!

Maybe you are wondering what I like to shoot the most because my portfolio is about any kind of photography. That’s what I’m asking myself over the last few years and what I do quite often, travel & automotive photography, is my favorite type of photography, but I take pictures of everything. Landscapes, portraits, public / private events and that’s not because I could not decide yet,  but because I like to capture both the magic of a sunrise in the mountains and the emotion in the eyes of a character I have in front of my camera.

Otherwise, ever since I’ve started this story, I’ve been working and working a lot every single day for anything connected with photography. To take photos, to edit photos, to get to some places, to place my photos on certain sites, to learn things, to buy the necessary equipment I think I will never be satisfied enough with and I want to develop myself  more with every new shot I take…

I started to take part in competitions where I mostly  won the first prize,  I organized and attended photography exhibitions both in the country and abroad, I organize photography workshops, and photography’s become part of me, become a job, become a daily study object, became the greatest happiness in my life.

Along with photography and with the desire to have portofolio of photos from the mountains, sunrise or sunset photos from the mountains I used to see at other photographers, I have developed a passion for the mountain, for hiking and even a passion for traveling by whatever, airplane, train, personal car, bus, walking with the backpack in my back for hours or spending hours  to get to the place I want to photograph.

As a brief conclusion, photography for me is the only thing that wakes me up ANY TIME,  no matter how little I slept. Otherwise, I’m the type of man who puts 10 consecutive alarms with different sounds and he does not hear them. Yes, really, that’s the truth!

Down here you can find some brands, companies, advertising agencies or public figures I have worked for / with :

– Aston Martin Lagonda

– Mercedes Daimler A.G

– Mercedes Benz USA

– Audi A.G

– BMW Romania

– Audi Romania

– MINI Romania

– Honda Romania

– Autoklass Romania

– BMW Proleasing Motors Romania

– Tiriac Auto Romania

– Porsche Inter Auto Romania

– Porsche Romania

– BMW Autocobalcescu Romania

– KIA Romania

– Darex Auto Romania

– MOL Romania

– F64 Studio Romania

– Canon Romania

– Vivo Romania

– The Good Company Romania

– Golin PR Romania

– Premium PR Romania

– Storm PR Romania

– Mega Image Romania

– Europa FM Romania

– Merer ( ex. Hulber ) Shirts Romania

– MRC Tuning Romania

– Valentin Butnaru

– Carmen Grebenisan

– Micutzu ( Cosmin Nedelcu )

last updated: January, 2022

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